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Noise Control Cabins

Noise Control Cabins keep out the noise from production machines, etc. Cabins with Doors, windows, ventilators as per specification by the customer. Drilled channels allow for cabel, pipes, etc. to be connected. A cabin floor is unsually not necessary as the cabin is placed onto a rubber mat. The walls of the cabins are either 55 mm or 110 mm.

Noise Protection/Health and Safety

Noise Control Cabins are quiet rooms within noisy environments like production areas. Work stations next to noisy machines are best accomodated in a noise control cabin with 2, 3 or 4 walls and a roof. Our noise control cabins offer full flexibilty in size and design. Closed cabins are fittet with sound controlled air-exchange (axial-ventillators) as well as windows all around.


Noise Control Cabins are made from pre-fab Modules. Assembly as well as disassembly or extensions are quick and easy. Doors can be wingdoors are slidable. Wall strength 55 or 110 mm. Interior walls fully or partly perforated. Galvanized steel or powder coated finish.