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Alwin Baumann, Frank Baumann, Jacqueline Baumann, Benjamin Schaub, René Schmid

Mobile noise control for the industry

Construction site noise are often loud but that does not only affect the working professionals. Noise will also disturb the surrounding environment. These exposed environments are in direct need of solutions that can improve their situation. dBarrier® has observed this problem and developed a solution for the surrounding environment as well as an improvement in work safety for the construction workers – dFence™.

Noise, weather and view protection for construction fences 

dFence ™ is a noise reduction solution that is designed to be mounted on building fences around a noise generating area, for example, construction , renovation, road construction or demolition. dFence ™ has an average noise reduction of 21.2 dB and are easily mounted to the construction fence with standard cable ties. dFence™ also blocks view and keeps unauthorized people out of the construction site . Like all noise reducing solutions from dBarrier®, dFence™ is flame retardant and constructed completely out of flame retardant materials.

A variety of possibilities to personalise

dFence ™ is available in a variety of colours and together with the opportunity to print your logo or other message on dFence™, use dFence™ as an extension to your company branding. dFence™, an extension to the dBarrier product line are constructed as dBarrier® apart from where there is a fastener on dBarrier®, dFence™ are fitted with eyelets. Furthermore, dFence™ is developed as noise reduction for building fences, along with other great advantages such as improved working climate and blocked view.

Swedish quality product

dFence™ is a high quality product with long shelf life. dFence™ is made of materials that are flame retardant, provides high UV stability and the absorbent surface is protected against humidity and water. With dFence™ ability to withstand mechanical stress, it will be at your disposal for years and years due to our efforts in making it able to withstand mechanical stress.

T-50 noise control panels

Made for PVC and mineral wool, one-side perforated. Easy to errect with velcro or hanging from RSS (Rail Support System). Fix or foldable, transparent windows on request. Blue or yellow.