NoizeKontrol is a new, separate Division at Cargo-Lakk.

Our objective is to offer noise control solutions to the industry, in particular:

  • Metalprocessing, punch pressing, cleaning of tools with CO2
  • Motortest facilities
  • Paperindustry
  • Food processing, packaging
  • Health facilities
  • Noise and dust control in construction

We are offering solutions to cut noise emmissions and noise immissions as well as sound progagation in general.


  • Noisecontrol cabins
  • Mobile Noise control for construction
  • Noise control partitions
  • Noise, thermal and fire resistant panels
  • Noise control in open-space
  • Reverberation control-Absorbtion


We are the best team!

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Ing. FH Alwin Baumann


Jacqueline Baumann


Maria Niggli


Susanne Hofmann


Frank Baumann

dipl. Zimmmermann, Montageleiter

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